How to Choose a good Travel Insurance Policy

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How to Choose a good Travel Insurance Policy? Would you realise that up to 50 percent the price of the insurance policy you purchase from the travel agent goes to them as commission? By purchasing direct online you'll save yourself or your family 100's of dollars which are better allocated to your holiday. Travel insurance policies have a wide selection of conditions, exclusions, and amounts of cover so before you choose , there are Five things to ask yourself before you buy

What type of insurance do you really need? 

A student going overseas for any year or even more has completely different insurance needs from a family holiday to Italy for 30 days that you need a much more comprehensive package of advantages such as cancellation and delay cover.

For Example  :
How to Choose a good Travel Insurance Policy
Travel Insurance Policy
Australians travelling overseas to a handful of countries can access the public health facilities however, you may still be significantly out of pocket and for medical treatment in most other country in the world, you’ll need to pay, and pay a lot.The Australian government claims that the price of medical evacuations from the U.S . regularly begin from $75,000 and often cost $300,000 and up and adds that medical evacuations from nearby Bali have exceeded $60,000. Such personal tragedies are further compounded by the long-term financial burden because travellers who aren't covered by travel insurance are personally responsible for covering incurred medical and associated costs.

The Australian government says it handles 20,000 cases involving Australians in difficulty overseas each year, including 700 hospitalisations, 600 deaths and 100 evacuations of Australians for medical purposes so packing Medical Travel Insurance is completely essential before you go

Where are you going?
Look at the medical & legal costs and also the quality of medical services for where you're going as they vary enormously between countries with the United states, Canada and japan typically being the most high-priced.

How old are you ?

Older travellers pay a little bit more because older people normally have more medical related issues and these can very expensive overseas. Travel Insurance Direct covers people up to age Eighty one during the time of departure.

Have you got pre-existing health issue?

Pre-existing health issues are usually defined as any medical or dental condition for which you've received treatment or advice inside a specified time before the policy being issued. Travel Insurance Direct covers some health conditions as standard but other more serious conditions may need a different premium.

What will you be doing while you are away?

Will you be taking a gadgets Mobile Phones, notebook or expensive camera or are you gonna be travelling light? Will you be skiing, bungy-jumping canyoning or ?